3ballMTY Takeover!!!! Free EP + Exclusive Remix

Posted by: Mad Decent on 2010-08-09

Riverside (DJ Otto Remix)

3ballMTY EP – 2010 (mediafire link)

    Last January 2009, i found a grip of this new weird music i didn’t even know the name of it but it blew me away and i spent an afternoon and made a mix that I called “Invasion of the Loop Zombies of Mexico.”  This stuff ended up being a new genre that some call guarachero and some call tribal (pronouced tree˚bal, hence 3ball, get it) and the stuff keeps getting better and better.
     So I was stoked to hear that Toy Selectah has been working with the producers and has given us the first ever proper release of 3ball here on our site. These are all new nice tracks from the kids running the 3ball game right now and when i say kids i mean it, Erick Rincon is turning 17 next week, while Sheeqo Beat and DJ Otto are 18, 19 respectively. So here you have it 3ballMTY free for your ears. 
     This is just the start, these sounds are gonna blow up no doubt. And stay tuned, we have another project under wraps that will be surfacing soon as well. 

FKi 1st

‘First Time For Everything’


“Need You”

Party Favor

“Bust ‘Em”