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Mad Decent striking from Monterrey!!!

We are in the mexican Mecca of Bass!! From well known names like Toy Selectah, Erick Rincon, Javier Estrada, to relatively unknown names, Today post we will explore some of the hottest acts from this wonderful city!!!
And there is a surprise in the very bottom of the post!!

Although before anything with Bass, trap or bro step, let’s bring back to life to the original approach to 3BALL GUARACHERO.
Clap Freckles goes exact to the roots, but fear not, this is also a 2013 sound as he is adding Brazilian berimbau and nu prehispanic sounds.
This very young producer is a prodigy we are very glad to unveil in 2013!!
And this is a WORLD PREMIERE!!


Erick Rincon also is doing a very organic approach to 3BALL

Now let’s check some new madness coming from MTY

DJ KlaC takes Skrillex/Marley to Monterrey!!

Alan Rosales and Mouse are a trademark from MTY’s 3Ball, so adding a cumbia vibe from El Dusty is the cherry on top of the cake!

As you saw in the feat picture, one of the usual bass suspects, Javier Estrada, is slowly turning towards bro step, techno and deep house sounds

Our other suspect is the cat who opened for Skrillex in MX, Ezekiel, he is unveiling his Bass sounds, with remixes from Buraka’s Branko, Eloq, Dope P and many more!!

We have Erick, so we need to drop some Sheeqo beat!!

We couldn’t go to MTY without dropping two names! Toy Selectah and El Gran Silencio.

From Toy, let’s post 2 tracks!! an excellent track from Control Machete’s era with a modern twist!! FREE and WAV

and his newest!! which is a remix of Meneo’s toda loca

The surprise!!! Erick and Dj Otto have been quietly releasing moombahton tracks under Carmen Noise!!!
So we have a FREE tune!!

and a Major Lazer remix

Last but not least, El Gran Silencio, who are celebrating their 20th anniversary!!

So we think we could take this one from the “vault” of the original LR vol 1
Dubwise and FREE!!

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    MTY #Respect
    Tons of good Music

FKi 1st

‘First Time For Everything’


“Need You”

Party Favor

“Bust ‘Em”