Born in the Bronx and raised in Manhattan by Dominican parents, MALUCA is that increasingly rare bird: a downtown girl who brings together the classic cool, glamour, grit and passion of New York City in an instant! After meeting Diplo at a karaoke bar, the two starting working together resulting in her debut single "El Tigeraso" (available via Mad Decent), an infectious track that draws on her Dominican electro-merengue roots. Maluca had her first public perfomance at the SXSW FADER fort and tore the roof off with a short set that showcased her wide range of influences: from artists such as ESG, Savannah Band, Wu-Tang, Gil Scott Heron, Nina Simone to styles like merengue, aalsa, cumbia, house, disco, and freestyle.  Keep your eyes open and platanos peeled  for the self proclaimed "1/2 Dominican, 1/2 pain in the ass."

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