Billy The Gent Presents “Through the Wire”

Posted by: Mad Decent on 2011-12-05



Dale Mas Claps

I’ll keep this short….

This compilation all began when I started working on a song with DJ Klever (bonus track).  We made an entire track over the internet and It got me thinking about how the web brings so many people together with tons of collaborations that would otherwise never be possible.  So I ran with that idea and put together an entire compilation of songs made exclusively over the internet. I contacted some of my favorite moombahton producers/bros and literally drew names out of a hat to match up collaborators. The only rules were everyone had one month to complete their song (we all kinda broke this rule) and that you could not meet in person to work on it.  When I got all the tracks back, I contacted my friend and fellow Audio Ammo crew member Brian Woodland to design the artwork.  Im super happy with the outcome of this,  and hopefully you all enjoy!!

-Billy The Gent


Orion x A-Mac – Calgarico
ETC!ETC! x Nacey – Le Grand Zombi
Steve Starks x JWLS – Circus
Kid Cedek x Must Die x Sazon Booya – El Diablo
Torro Torro x Long Jawns – The Pump
Bobby La Beat x Riot Erp – ¡Eh!
Billy The Gent x Pickster – Bring The Bass Back
Jon Kwest x Obeyah – Dutty Pum Pum Ft. Feral aka MC Kinky
Willy Joy x Team Bayside High – Paper Jungle
Sabo x Melo – Dale Mas Claps
Cassius Slay x Paul Devro – Zimbabwav

Bonus Track –
Klever x Billy The Gent – Fuck Wit My Eardrums

Ape Drums

“Go Crazy”

Party Favor

“Wiggle Wop (feat. Keno)”

FKi 1st

‘First Time For Everything’