Hot Winter


Here are some of the hottest tracks from the underground:

Striking with 1.84M plays on SoundCloud, DJ BrainDeaD’s Twerkhall remix is a heater:

Argüello sent us his remix of Major Lazer’s “Too Original,” which takes the original track to a complete different level:

If you are into rap, “Dark Celebration” is your steez:

Check Beauty Brain & Billion Dollars’ “Machuca”: 

Maga Bo is one of the finest global bass producer and his retake on “Champion” demonstrates why.

Next is Dj Kin’s addictive favela bass tune. Dj Kin drops his Pra falador EP next week but peep the premiere here:

Also part of the Favela Trap vibe:
J PABLO – Caçada ( RD ) (FREE)

Last but not least, hailing from  Chile/Poland/NYC, we have Chomba Boom and Jamez Manuel:

Get ͲచටហҠƐᎠ with new Brillz – ‘Geekin EP’ Remixes!


Looking for more Twonk? Look no further. Brillz’ 2015 Geekin EP was a heavy, high-octane dose of trap bangers. And if by some miracle your speakers survived, well: the producer’s come back to finish them off. Today, Brillz is premiering 7 new Geekin remixes, featuring new takes from Halfway House, Dabow, Trollphace, JayKode, Lil Texas, Drunken Masters, and Ray Volpe. Download the Bundle to unlock the full remix collection. With love and apologies to your sound system.

01 Hawt (Halfway House Remix)
02 Buck (feat. Gangsta Boo) [Trollphace Remix]
03 Buck (feat. Gangsta Boo) [Drunken Masters Remix]
04 Buck (feat. Gangsta Boo) [Lil Texas Remix]
05 WTPA (feat. Ms Williams) [JayKode Remix]
06 WTPA (feat. Ms Williams) [Ray Volpe Remix]
07 WTPA (feat. Ms Williams) [Dabow Remix]

NGHTMRE – “Prelude” & “Burn Out” Out Now!




Saying NGHTMRE had a great 2015 would be just straight wrong; NGHTMRE came outta nowhere, slayed every frequency and dropped over 25 records last year. Out of the 2016 gate, NGHTMRE drops his first solo self-titled EP on Mad Decent on 3/25.

Leading up to release of his EP, NGHTMRE will drop a new track every two weeks. This week he kick things off with “Prelude” & “Burnout” The two tracks set the tone with NGHTMRE’s trademark juxtaposition between the emotional build and the intense drop.

NGHTMRE on “Prelude” – “A piano piece that I was inspired to write as a prelude to “Burn Out”. I really wanted to take you on a journey with this record and I felt this provided the proper introduction.”

Read up on this Song Is Sick’s Premiere!

EP Tracklist (dropping 3/25)
1. Prelude
2. Burnout
3. Hold Me Close
4. Touch
5. Holdin’ On To Me

Facebook: NGHTMRE
Twitter: @NGHTMRE
Spotify: @NGHTMRE


Herobust – “Weigh Home” OUT NOW!!


Hot off of his new EP, I’m Aloud, check out Herobust’s newest track, “Weigh Home”. Herobust adds his own fire to this bass masterpiece with his very own vocals.

Get the EP:

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Hasse de Moor – “Milkshake” OUT NOW!!


Get it:

Hot off a remix rampage, Hasse De Moor is keeping the party vibes going with his new frothy original “Milkshake.” Hasse De Moor’s malty blend of synths and percussion will warm up your winter blues.

Peep Dancing Astronaut’s Premiere!

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Herobust – ‘I’m Aloud EP’


Get It:

Bass music cravings? Herobust has you covered with his EP, I’m Aloud. This 8-track EP produced and written entirely by Herobust, is a bass music masterpiece with the filthiest of drops. Herobust peppers self-recorded hip-hop hooks throughout all the tracks to give you a glimpse of his ATL roots. Grab your neck brace & hit play; you’ve been warned.

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Low & Loud


Covering some of the most exciting releases in the last couple of weeks:

Valentino Khan’s new video, for the most-played track of 2015, is here and trippy AF:

Moving to the Pacific Northwest of USA, Vargo is grabbing the attention of 110 bpm heads with Moombahton! “Vem que Vem” blends Baile Funk and Moombahton like a boss!

Keeping the vibe but from the opposite part of the globe, Russian-based producer, White Gangster

3Ball keeps moving forward, for some people the genre has “lost” the initial exotic appeal, but it doesn’t mean it has slowed down. This comes from Brazil where iconic electronic baile funk producers EDUK and Chernobyl step out of their comfort zone to produce “Coyote”:

The bomb of the day comes from Denmark’s bangeristas featuring Okay Funky:

Last but never least, watch Os Vagabanda’s official music video for ISA (download link in YT)

Brillz’s Geekin (Remixes) EP Out Now!

geekin_remix_cover_2.1 (1)

Get It:

Kicking off our first release of 2016 with some TWONK! Brillz‘ enlists Getter, Lambo & Doobius, Henry Fong and Sikdope for a diverse collection of re-imagined soundscapes on ‘Geekin (Remixes)’. Featuring one remix per-original track, the official remix pack complements the original EP with wild re-interpretations that are sure to settle themselves in your party playlists.

LessThan3’s Premiere of “WTPA (feat. Ms Williams) [Henry Fong Remix]”:
EarMilk’s Premiere of “Buck (feat. Gangsta Boo) [Lambo & Doobious Remix])”:

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Mestizo Bass

What’s Mestizos? It’s a term coined by European colonizers to define groups with native/new world ancestry with euro-lineage, usually in Mexico to Argentina. Mestizos often became the majority group in the Spanish-speaking parts of Latin America. As a result of this rich history, there is an impressive compilation from a collective the has roots in Spain, Mexico, Germany, Canada, Colombia, Brazil, and many more countries called rebelsounds.

From the compilation, our first track “Hay libertad”:

Continuing the same vibe, we have Ska was Pink from Gypsy sound system, which combines swing, ska, balkan and electronic.

Uproot Andy is no stranger to Mad Decent’s readers.
The Canadian producer unveils what he thinks a chalupa could sound for 2016 , veredict: simply mindblowing

Next in line comes from Venezuelan producer PNCVZ whose track money drop actually started as a dancehall bass which quickly morphs into a moombahton.

From Belgium, La Chiva Gantiva brings a unique approach to what one could consider tropical music.

Borchi’s take on M.I.A’s “Galang” is defies all genres:

ZZK’s bad boys, Fauna, drop this bomb:

El Buho created a whole album that flirts between exotic, tropical, relaxing and danceable:

Last but not, Harry Vanvagen finds that sweet spot between genres without actually surrendering to any one genre:

Two Fresh’s Rejuvenation Of Cool


In the twins’ own words: “Rejuvenation of Cool is something you can zone out to. Many times what’s “cool” gets skewed by things like shock value, popularity, and trends. We are happy to release this free tape to y’all as a reminder that “cool” can be whatever makes you happy. ”

Get it for free via ToneDen: