Posted by: Mad Decent on 2010-09-27

Blood Bros: First Blood by maddecent 

DJA & Dirty South Joe are Blood Bros!

Blood Bros on facebook!


This is the first volume of the Blood Bros – a DJ duo creating mixtapes of the best of 80s action movie soundtracks.  More than just a compilation of songs, the mix is 100% designed to follow the course of a film, starting with Training, moving on to the Fight….then finally, celebrating the triumph over the rival.

Put this mix on when you are training on the beach, hitting the bag, chopping wood, running up/down a mountain, or generally doing anything which requires involves fierce determination and focus to win.  BLOOD BROS!

Like all good bad movies……a sequel is almost certain…. BLOOD BROS
VOLUME 2 coming SOON!!

  • Mindrax Flashpoint

    This is love! :)
    Fantastic tracks :)

  • More John

    more John Farnham

  • JAY

    The first song is from Bloodsport, not Kickboxer…duh

  • jake

    i dont like ’em

  • jake

    not at all