BLOOD BROS III – Back in America

Posted by: Mad Decent on 2012-11-06

Our heroes Derek “DJA” Allen & Dirty South Joe have been dragged through the wringer.Training, fighting and winning on this level doesn’t come without a heavy price to pay.Lovers, family and friends have been all but forgotten, as the road through hell has no room for passengers.

BLOOD BROS have but one mistress and her name is America!Lady Liberty might be getting DP’d tonight, but it’s the bad guys who are f*cked!The next 4 years won’t be easy, but we can persevere if we stay the course. This, and every election day –


If you’re new to the Blood Bros saga catch up on the first two mixes below!

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  • moep0r

    Fuck yea, finally!

  • Cosby Sweater

    I’d like to turn you guys onto the Power Team soundtrack for your next megamix.

  • Cosby Sweater
  • Cosby Sweater

    Who does your cover art? So awesome.

  • gabaghoul

    1. Alan Thicke had an album?!??!
    2. People didn’t give Don Johnson enough love for his album.
    3. Holy crap I need to go watch Vision Quest again!!

  • Chris Ward


  • TopBananas

    Been waiting sooooooo long for this

  • EO

    lol, awesome but thn got painful after prolonged listening. Audio from the movie is awesome.

  • Jommi


  • Sergei Smirnov


  • Casual Viewing

    Amazing work, as always! If you’re open to suggestions for the next one, Dokken’s ‘Dream Warriors’ from the third Nightmare On Elm Street movie should fit perfectly:

  • Herby Sausage

    Everything about these mixes is awesome. My dwindling faith in humanity is restored. The cover art is sick. Especially for III, bravo sirs. I cant wait for IV. please be a IV!

  • Terrible Terry Tate

    Man, American Flyers would’ve been perfect in this mix:

  • Joseph Jones

    Where (movie/Show) did the opening lines come from?

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