Posted by: Mad Decent on 2010-04-27

OK so not news here – all day its been MIA and Born Free video and the justice video guy  and gingers (coppercab please say something about this) and pitchfork twitter takeovers and animated press gifs and woooof…. but we’re supporting and wanted to give you a lil update on who produced this thing for the nerds out there who care (for some reason this info has been tamped down in all media TILL NOW). So it was a royal mess of all our good buds- Switch, John Hill, and Diplo plus Iggor Cavalera (1/2 Mixhell, ex-Sepultura)! All those dudes in a room, a generous sample of Suicide, sick sick drumming from Iggor  (and here’s another tidbit for u – it was recorded on  POPO‘s shitty ass drumset at the mausoleum!) — and you got it.

In related redheads that we love news, Boy 8-Bit has a new remix EP coming out with us in June.

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Ape Drums

“Go Crazy”

Party Favor

“Wiggle Wop (feat. Keno)”

FKi 1st

‘First Time For Everything’