Caked Up & Meaux Green – Thirsty (JEFF074)

Posted by: Mad Decent on 2014-03-20

Caked Up, the DJ/producer duo comprised of Las Vegas natives Oscar Wylde and Vegas Banger, are no strangers to internet, musical and social media success. Over the past year, they’re raked in some of the highest streaming numbers in electronic music, the minute and a half long preview of “Thirsty” having over 1.8 million views of its own. Choosing well, the duo collaborated with Meaux Green, the rising trap/twerk lord who’s received support from the like of Doctor P, DJ Snake, Dillon Francis, Diplo, TWRK, Mayhem and Henry Fong to note but a few.

As much as you’d want to call it a guilty pleasure, guilt isn’t exactly the emotion that surfaces once you’re submerged beneath this outrageously fun collab! “Thirsty” highlights each artists’ well known ability to create enormously infectious beats that somehow plant themselves in your speakers, your awareness of their brilliance growing with each listen. The melody is soaked with droplet samples and a underscored by drum rolls and claps that bring a classic twerk feel to the track.

Caked Up

Meaux Green

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  • swaglord

    this is terrible. stop releasing this shit.

    • Sam Swan

      Your mum should have swallowed you so you didn’t spew your filth into the world – swaglord… more like sadlord.

      • $$$

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