Diplo’s Top 50 hot girl Tumblrs

Posted by: Mad Decent on 2010-11-22


Here are my top 50 tumblr sites i got sent by cute wierd girls yesterday reviewd in only a few characters ..

theres actually a youtube music vid of a girl looking at facebook and rapping so my mind exploded, naked butts and angelina jolie which i didnt need she cute has the ifone app that makes pics look cuter and has pabst blue ribbon weed and basketball game so she wins has japanese stuff and the dinosaure thinking dude but needs more sexy pics i think. great milky way background tho totaly win cause cute girl and near naked pics of her self mixed with fashio and interen stuff n letters i dont understand and cigaretted and japanese stuff best so far cause shes indian i think and has a picture of me and ofra haza on it and a really cool cloud + blank tape which i think might make young people might not know what it is.. am i old? more interprative stuff mixed with obvious stuff so its cool but arty im feelin it. also make up and princesses so u know its a girl and shes fancy .. cool wierd music so shes smart. (except for PINK) best layout so far + kitten and fashion and text + her cute friends .. a+ good cause its all her own pics and she jsut dont give a fuc and they r blurry so shes gangster more random with the art which i love and dont know much about but needs more naked i think real lif hospital pics + a shout out to me so im into it! also mary kate appearance so its legit super win because shes mad cute with tattoos and she strips on some wierd video player i dont understand and she has good music and ninjaturtles mad cats dunno if its a girl but fuc it.. i think tumblr is only for girls and gays which is all good you know layout kinda crazy .. + good quotes that i dont know anythign about so its mysterious and moving gifs i dont understand either .. lots of girls like duck sauce i think feelin the picture frams and i like to se eplaces that i dont know nothing about .. come on girls original content is king throw a lil mary kate stuff in only 10 percent of time. also nudes = a+ too many dudes.. but there is a kitten so its cool ok this one is good cause theres sexy pics but also sass is turned up to orange alert which im feelin cause shes feelin herself good job ok im into it cause theres some hood ass flyer and lots of foxy brown mixed with fashio stuff.. feminist stuff on here too so u know a brotha cant get it twisted lots of condoms + kittens + hippos and the girl is totally cute.. win into the woodgrain + random prince dave chappell pic great stuff but need less harry potter super fahiony which I dont understand but i think is good totally cute girl dunno about the lace trim but like the fashio stuff and theres text that she writes and i think shes selling shit so shes making money which is a + white backgroun + white girl = win plus some rave youtubs and kittens.. oops never mind its dogs.. but i like the bubble pic mostly wierd i dont understand but i really like it i wish it had naked people tho totaly cute girl but too many dudes need some art i think i like the pasta pic tho and theres like 98 pages so i think theres gotta be some more hot pics of her self in there which ill check later great layout and wierd shit about internet which makes u think its making fun of it and has some kanye style like check out this futuristic shit which i like this one reads like a zine and girl is totally hot so its a win win and funny girl has great cleavage and totaly hot pics of other amazing cute girls butts so this one is win win i totally h8 this girl but this one is great and she knows how to use internet so i think she is a nerd but the graphics are bad ass and shes form FL so #win great cause it has all the latest it girls and hot pics of them so i can keep em all straight so i might have to book mark it so i can tell other it girls how the it girl scene is popping and layout is great but i dont like will smith today girl is totally cute and i think the colors on the site is great i think the girls should be like an interior designer all about nails gettin done so i like the genre specific ness about it when all the fashion starts to blend 2gether too much for me totally cute girl and shes marketin herself and thats a good look cause when she blows up she already has her shit to sell and she likes good jewelry one of the best so far cause its got awsome pics ive never seen and no fashion but u know she likes punk but also hello kitty so dont fux with her totally cute girl but layout not my fav awesome mix of cute arty stuff but with kurt kobane and the girl is cute and has good taste in music and clothes but maybe 2 much kurt supre hi fashion .. but keepin it b&w fancy im into it nuff boobs and japanes stuff #allgood the mostly graphic ones are the bests because my brain doesnt even like to read anymore it just wants pictures . dont understand the title but i dont care #win cause shes cute and theres mad kittens + anitcon rappers and naked girls so its just unusual feelin it -midgets/nice background and bruise pictures thumbs up late submission but .. mad boobs and wierd GIfs that i wish i could make and guns and funny youtube and it goes 4ever this girl i slept with a few times so i had to include her.. #just kidding! but really the youtubes are very clever and she has good taste funny stuff + busy p and steve aoki so #win mostly zombies and boobs and a half naked pic of me so#winn good emm watson gif so win

Ape Drums

“Go Crazy”

Party Favor

“Wiggle Wop (feat. Keno)”

FKi 1st

‘First Time For Everything’