German Bass

Posted by: Caballo on 2013-01-18

Mad Decent goes to Germany!!
If you follow Mad Decent in a constant basis you may have seen that we did posts about Jamaican/Caribbean Bass as well as Russian Bass and last one was about Monterrey Bass; Today is about German Bass.

These guys have a whole different game. Very different to American approach, not the common European style. Their own Molly Grit!! (a concept I hope to expand in the near future)

To begin, two brothers, Symbiz, are an example of how German Bass scene is in a constant evolution

and this is just another great example of their new style

Next in line is Bukezt Finezt, whose approach to bass (and Bacon) is yummy!

More German Madness

Hannover born, and daughter from Boney M’s Bobby Farrell, Zanillya’s Bula Bai, was a Kuduro tune, that became a Balkan from Serbian bangerist Shazalakazoo and now is a trap-Bass tune

A more Club Bangerist approach comes from German duo DON KONG!!
Wait for the DROP!!

We cant go to Germany without visiting two guys!! The one and only Schlachthofbronx who are behind Gnucci latest tune!

And LEUB whose soca is timeless

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