Girl Power

Posted by: Mad Decent on 2011-11-09

Few weeks ago.. A list of “the best Dj” was released.. which obviousy created a huge buzz from all over the electronic scene..One thing that stood out, more than any other thing was the fact that there were hardly any females… And we all know that  lately  there has been an impressive display of girls who are producing amazing tunes, and mad decent takes a look on some chicks who are rocking it!

Feral aka MC Kinky is one of the pioneers of ragga/drum n bass/rave who has been moving to all over the bass spectre. Her Tweet retweet has had some of the coolest producers remixing it.


Alexis K/Unsub is one of the few females who started giving huge credibility to women in terms of dubstep , she keeps rocking since day one, and even big names as Ministry or Skrillex are fan of her sound for “official” remixes.. obviously, not so big, but also very ‘known’ are fans as well.
Munchi – Shottas (Alexis K) [Exclusive Dub] – Free320 Download! by AlexisK 

and High Rankin’s cut you down
High Rankin – Cut You Down (Alexis K) – Free 320 Download by AlexisK 

Dirty Talk are two girls who are giving dubstep and moombahcore a whole new meaning
Dirty Talk-P.O.T. (FS & Reid Speed Remix) by Dirty Talk

Swedish Compadre
Murder (preview snippet) by compadremusic

A lil bit (Compadre chopped-up rmx) by compadremusic 

Jillian Ann representing female vocalists for dubstep!
Jillian Ann – Confess (Phrenik Remix) by Jillian Ann

Leah Rosier for the reggae/dub girls!
Guitoud ft. Leah Rosier – True To Yourself (Le Sable de l’Atlas) by Leah Rosier

Leah Rosier – Music Teach Me by Leah Rosier

Ape Drums

“Go Crazy”

Party Favor

“Wiggle Wop (feat. Keno)”

FKi 1st

‘First Time For Everything’