I Hunted Rats For You.

Posted by: Mad Decent on 2010-02-26

Cats are pissed right now, which is understandable. This winter has been long, the economy is bad, the final season of Lost makes no fucking sense, and everyone’s love life seems to be in the shitter. Much like their aquatic animal brethren the killer whale—who have recently expressed similar frustrations by yanking their trainers around by the ponytail and drowning  them (which is what happens when you force a six ton creature to live in a  giant bathtub and humiliate itself on a daily basis for the benefit of tourists)—cats are super fucking over it. I particularly like this Youtube documented cat exchange because A) imagining the internal mental dialogue of animals is never not funny and B) I think everyone can relate to the sentiment of breaking up with someone by screaming I Hunted Rats for You!  I mean, it’s a total slap in the face. That’s the cat equivalent of me recently saying to someone “Fuck off! I actually paid for tickets for us to see Valentines Day  on actual Valentines Day and even though every second of watching it was like murder for my eyes I still did it and I didn’t make one asshole comment because I wanted to make you happy! And this is how I get treated? Really?” 

Sorry, cats. The world is one big impossible-to-cough-up hairball right now. 

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