Juyen Sebulba – Superjam (JEFF050)

Posted by: Mad Decent on 2013-05-23

Reigning from Dallas, TX, the young chief bangarang genius Juyen Sebulba has been sending us tunes for a while now. They’ve all blown out our speakers but when he sent through “Superjam” we all turned stiff and passed out on the floor like those fainting goats on youtube. It’s seen support from Laidback Luke, GTA, Deorro and Moska so far because It’s one of those songs that whether you’ve heard it before or not you know it a hit. Whether you’re at the club or just hearing it on laptop speakers, its makes you move. Every element is perfectly placed, the 3ball guira percussion, the bubbly lead line, the vocal stabs, wow its a tuuuuuuune.

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Juyen Sebulba


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