Katey Red – Where Da Melph At

Posted by: Mad Decent on 2011-04-14


Katey Red is the first bounce queen of New Orleans.  As such, it was obvious to many that she should have a proper music video.

Director David S. White and music journalist Alison Fensterstock spearheaded the movement as well as great number of fellow New Orleanians.  The video  project was completely community funded, with a massive fundraising show as well as a Kickstarter page.

The result is amazing.  And adorable.  

Where Da Melph At references the Melpomene Projects where Katey grew up.

From Where They At:

“I used to rap in the hall at school and out in the courts and stuff, so  when I got up there everyone knew what to say back. I was the first homosexual rapper, so I opened a lot of doors for people so that they could do their own thing.”

Photo courtesy of Aubrey Edwards
For more history behind New Orleans bounce, visit Where They At
Photos by Aubrey Edwards
Interviews by Alison Fensterstock

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