Killer Beats

Posted by: Caballo on 2013-03-01

Fed up with all the generic music around?
Also feeling a bit tired about that saying: “when it rains it pours?”
Not to worry. Mad Decent’s global rounds brings you some of the newest, and mostly unknown new beats from partially or totally unknown ( for many) producers. And a new concept of Moombahton!
In fact, if you do the exercise of playing them all, you actually can see that most of them are set for pay what you can or at very affordable price.

Ta-Ku is a well known act from australia who might not be so well known outside that beautiful country; he is unveiling this beautiful soul-nu-jump trap track

This Banger comes from American producer Salva

More wicked stuff

If you want a more hardcore-ghetto wise track, then this funeral track is just for you, Mala Noche

This one is simply amazing!
it will take most of you at least two to three plays to understand the concept, but once you digest it..
a whole new universe has been opened to Moombahton!!

Now, I personally doubt many people will go thru this door and explore the real sonic possibilities of organic moombahton, as most of producers do not play guitar or bass, or keyboards; but who knows? and whether it is the future or just a good track, you can say you heard it first on Mad Decent!

Moving to more friendly territories with a well known name; Shlomo brings this juke-inspired track from his upcoming album

A heavy bouncer track by australian trio butcher blades

Next is from two well known names an impressive display of Hip hop & Bass
Elucid & Santigold

Last track and the one you are abou to hear were made by Guatemala’s Basshead K-Lix who also dropped more than a year ago a great Manu Chao remix that I totally forgot to share

In my last but not least


  • SoS Juice

    Thanks for posting the Food Fight Video! Here is the video link. Here are the embedd codes:

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  • Wax Volcanic

    Butcher Blades/!!!! These guys play warehouse parties in my city, can’t wait to hear the new stuff live – thanks for the share

  • Stop.Look.Listen.

    Ta-Ku is a BADMAN! There’s so many dimensions to his output. Thanks for the links!!

  • dgfd


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  • Darcy GlynWilliams

    the shroombahton track is super sick

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