Mad Decent Boat Party 2014!

For the past 6 years we have held the Mad Decent Block Party. For the first time we are leaving land to bring you a 4-day floating music festival appropriately called Mad Decent Boat Party! We will be taking over Norwegian Pearl November 12-16, 2014 and will cruise the Caribbean from Miami to Nassau to Great Stirrup Cay, our own private island in the Bahamas! Our family and friends including the featured lineup above will be along for the ride, and make sure to stay tuned for more exciting lineup announcements and additions!

Join the pre-sale now to book your cabin before the event goes on sale to the general public and enhance your Mad Decent Boat Party experience with exclusive pre-sale only items & events.


At the time of reservation you can reserve your cabin for a non-refundable initial deposit starting at $200 per person! ($300 for balconies & suites) Norwegian Pearl has staterooms ranging from interiors to balconies, suites and penthouses- whatever your lifestyle, you’ll find one that suits you perfectly. Prices start at $800 per person based on double occupancy; taxes & fees are added on a per person basis in the amount of $225.


  • Nick

    What’s the age on this???

    • lindsay

      you leave miami so 21+

  • saywaaa

    Is this real life?

  • Josh

    Is there an age?

  • Donovan Dominguez

    the just pee’d a bit out of excitement you know how to make a mad decent supporter happy as fuhhhhhhhh i need to save up for presales oh and can i have Dj Hanzel clean my room I hate Dillon Francis LMFAOO! love you guys!

  • nash

    The website doesn’t work

  • brooke

    is this 21+?

  • yo mama

    It’s 21+ probably just like all the other electronic cruises.

  • Elliott

    21+ can stay in a room by themselves while those under 21 must stay in a room with someone over the age of 25 I believe

  • Katie Lewandoski

    does this mean there will be no regular mdbp this year????


    I think I just jizzed im so excited

  • dalton

    pre-sale link isn’t working.

  • Hertzfelt

    Site has issues :(

  • Rodney

    the site isnt working!!! im tryin to register!

  • whatwhat

    Anyone wanna share a room? I’m a normal 24 year old guy, and I’m the only one of my friends with a job and can afford a cruise. First world problems…

    Applicants send over a bio and Facebook link over to: normalguy @ yopmail. com

    • normal gal

      if u pay 4 me ill go xoxo

    • khwamej

      Trying to buy a ticket but its like trying to find a virgin in this world..

  • Austin Del Rio

    please be 18+!!!!!!!

  • Jake

    Anyone able to prereg? I still can’t get the link to work :-(

  • Mimiii

    Ughh so perfect.
    Anyone from Vegas wanna join me?!

  • Mickey ryan

    so tickets will be about 1000 each??

  • Nasty gal

    If you are under 20 you’re not considered as an adult and have to be accompanied by an adult . Just read the terms and conditions

  • Chris Sheri

    yo if u aint 21 you need to grow the fuck up

    • Peter Keune

      Yea seriously i’m tired of hitting on 18 year old girls i’m 26 where the older girls at?

  • fake bullshit

    I had my credit card in hand, but then I saw Riff Raff… lol nope

  • Eric

    Booked that quad cabin- Partying with diplo and friends in 9 months. errrrrrr

  • brian

    is it easy to smoke/ find weed