Mad Decent’s Bassclusive Bangers!

Posted by: Caballo on 2012-11-16

Mad Decent has gotten around the globe trying to find some of the most wicked sounds from all over the planet.

Obviously along the way, we’ve managed to bring some gifts, we’d love to share with you guys!!

That is what music is for!!

To unite, to create artistic conscious, to bring joy, to make positive resistance against the system.

Today you will find FREE and EXCLUSIVE TRACKS (and EPs) for MAD DECENT from Baile funk legends Chernobyl+Bonde do Role, Dubstep Icon Ill- Esha, Dominican Republic prodigy boy Freaky Phillip, Global Bass ambassadors Gnucci & Mashup International, Peruvian Moombahtonista Chong X and more!

So let’s begin with one of the sickest bass producers out there. Ill-esha who drops her take on Brandy’s Do you know
Do U Know.. (ill-esha remix)

Next is Brazilian legend Chernobyl who teams with Bonde do Role, Comunidade Nin-Jitsu and his own original stuff to release a 3 TRACK EP.
In fact it is sooooo ORIGINAL FUNK CARIOCA sound that the single track feats MC Ana!!

Get the whole EP HERE (22 MB)

Read and find more EXCLUSIVE STUFF after the jump!

Dominican producer Freaky Phillip, whose work has been praised (and somehow compared) by Munchi, as they both share same roots and are energetic, brings this epic 808BASS collab with FUETE BILLETE who are the alter ego/side project of some Puerto Rican Dirty South Rap Legends from early 00’s

If it is the first time you hear this young but talented producers, do not sleep one of our highlights in the past weeks Dominican Mambo redefined. FREE EP (40 MB)

Mash Up International alongside Gnucci will unveil for us their newest track called LAVA CABEZA,
The lead single also features VAZ aka the lovely sister duo who are making big dents in the scene lately and then to finish things off we have Sweden based MC Timbuktu killing it with his wicked flows.


And Mix

Peruvian Moombahtonista CHONG X also teams with Fellow Peruvian Global Bass producers to drop their EP UKU PACHA for FREE
You can find the exclusive track for RPS, Sikuri, inside the folder.

Last but not least a song made to support Aboriginal Resistance, as we need to realize that it is very good we encourage newer generations to know about first nations, but we must do it with respect, not racially stereotyping. A culture is not a Fashion, although we can be inspired by them, let people know why or in which way you support that indigenous culture.


CABALLO & TMFK- POWsh me from caballo on Vimeo.

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