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Posted by: Caballo on 2014-03-14

Mad Decent does a global roundup.

We have some bullets, like Exclusive premiere of the most anticipated Andean Bass release for 2014, to an epic Jamaican Dancehall video with some , passing thru Rasterinha, Soviet Bass, Pow Wow Rap to Iranian-Bulgarian Bass and much more.
In fact, many of the names you are about to read, will be sort of new for many of you. Although in reality, all of the following projects/artists have a solid fan base in their underground niches.

To begin,
Bacondo, which is the most recent addition to Latino Resiste.
This Chilean duo brings the best of two worlds: ANDEAN ETHNIC and Urban Global Bass to form this impressive ANDEAN BASS.
In the ephonym-Debut EP has the early support of Munchi, and more wicked supporters.

Bacondo give us a trip in the dancehall-moombahton and big room while also keeping a close connection to their Andean sounds.

This is their ephonym tune: Bacondo

They also have this sweet Andean Bass!! FREE


Next in Line, also a Premiere!
If you have checked new Skrillex album, you may have noticed he has ragga twins in the album.
Well, in a perfect timing coincidence, Carnnibal is dropping a vinyl dancehall EP called Fangs. (which I hope to review once it is out)
And their first tune with Italian Basshead The Clerk features Ragga Twins as well.

It can be preordered here!! I highly recommend this one!

This video is absolutely insane, featuring some crazy Malaya dancers and a bouncy tune!

Cohesive in the Booty Shaking vibe, Brazilian Mexe o BumBum is raising to become worldcup underground anthem!!

Keeping it in the video vibe.
Angel Haze teams with our Canadian homies A Tribe Called Red to release a ephonym track named after the Aboriginal Band in where the listener can perceive the folklore that has made this trio a trademark.

And linking it to Folklore Bass sounds.
A name that may not be very familiar, Kosta Kostov, released a Balkan-Bulgarian-Iranian EP, and also features an impressive amount of producers in the remix game.
From that release, this Boris Viande B​.​A​.​S​.​S. Remix made it to the post, although I’d say, the whole release is equally great.

Keeping in the Bass game, SP Deville unveils his trap-kuduro album!!! For FREE!!

Last but not least,
Soviet Bass:
Russian beatmaker Chuck Upbeat will release on April 1st his Baile Folks Girls EP, but you can have a look to the whole EP right here, and the bets pert is this one will be set for FREE!

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    La Mascara de diablada de Bolivia Presente que Bueno!! Excelente! (:

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    Rompiendo fronteras!!!! que bien!!!!

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