Notre Sonoro 2011

Posted by: Mad Decent on 2012-04-12

A few months ago I traveled to Mexico to take part in the Norte Sonoro project. Curated by Toy Selectah & organised by NRML, (

The project invited a number of musicians from around the world to come to Monterry, Mexico to hang out & immerse themselves in the city & its rich musical culture.

They also kindly provided us with some studio time & a palette of traditional MX sounds such as cumbia, canto cardenche and norteña for us to use as raw material to remix and twist into something new. We showcased the results at a big festival that they threw at the end of the week

You can download all the songs we created as a free EP from the link below. I had an absolute blast. Met a ton of amazing people, heard an saw a ton of amazing things & I cant say enough thank your to all Monterry  crew for making us feel so welcome.

Big Up to Via CircuitoDj RuptureHelado NegroWhite Rainbow, Algodon Egipcio & especially Nrml & Toy Selectah for making this happen. I look forward to seeing you all again soon!

Check out photos from the trip & Festival HERE!


Download the EP HERE

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