PO PO Releasing Debut Album “Dope Boy Magick” Feb 28th !

Posted by: Mad Decent on 2011-12-20

Mad Decent is proud to announce PO PO’s debut album “Dope Boy Magick” out everywhere Feb. 28th!

Over the past few years, the continually evolving familial formation that is PO PO has offered the world glimpses into the psychedelic garage-rock acid trip that is their signature sound.  Mad Decent is excited to announce the arrival of PO PO’s full length studio debut, Dope Boy Magick, slated for a blustery February 28th release.
Anyone with their nose to the world-wide- grindstone will quickly recognize PO PO’s fine-tuned dissonance on this album, but will be delightfully surprised with their bigger, more polished foray into harmonic arena rock and glitchy electronic mind-benders, all while holding tight to the sludgy lo-fi sound which has come to define them.

Hailing from Philadelphia PA, founding member and PO PO frontman Zeb Malik is a recognized aesthetic force to be reckoned with and Mad Decent head honcho, Diploquickly brought him and the PO PO crew on to the Mad Decent roster as one of the first rock acts on the label.   Featuring production from Nick Launay (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Arcade Fire, Nick Cave, PiL, Gang of Four) as well as Diplo and Zeb himself, who recently produced Theophilus London‘s first single, “Last Name London”, and Spank Rock‘s DTF DADT , Dope Boy Magick was recorded between Nick Launay’s studio and the Mad Decent Mausoleum in Philadelphia.  The album is the blood, sweat and tears of the Malik brothers with one special cameo from tropicalia beatniks, NGUZUNGUZU.  The result of hustling hard on both coasts and touring with bands like Sleigh Bells and NIN has resulted in a debut album that will surely take on leagues of new fans for years to come.

PO PO- Dnt Wnt U, Jst Wnt It All by Mad Decent 

POPO-Let’s Get Away by Mad Decent
1. Dnt Wnt U, Jst Wnt It All
2. Final Fight
3. Let’s Get Away
4. Knife Iz Yung
5. Holy Mountain
6. Losn A Mind
7. About U Boy
8. Bummer Summer
9. U Remind Me
11. Sik Sik SIk
12. Last Name Malik But The Boys Call Me Freak
13. Teen Dreamz


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