Dawn Golden

Blow EP


April 12 2011

Blow EP Sep 12 2012

Dawn Golden and Rosy Cross is the work of 24 year old producer Dexter Tortoriello. ┬áInfluenced by everything from doom metal bands like Neurosis to avant noise artists such as Xiu Xiu, the songs pound with a calm, but dire urgency. The project began in Tortoriello’s bedroom as an experiment in different recording techniques, and quickly escalated as vocals were added and ideas rounded
out. The Blow EP is a mix of manipulated live instruments, dusty drum machines, and swells of broken synthesizers with Dexter’s vocals as much a part of the sound as any of the instruments. The tracks were each
treated and prepared to perfectly capture the texture and mood of the song.

Dawn Golden and Rosy Cross is meant to bring about a melancholy familiarity, like going back to the house where you grew up and finding it the way you left it, only 10 years later and everything is falling