Jeffree’s Volume 8


April 23 2013

Jeffree’s Volume 8 Apr 23 2013

The second Jeffree’s compilation of 2013, Volume 8 features some of our most diverse artists to date. All 5 artists are pioneers in the specific fields. From Jahan Lennon’s 90’s throwback “Can’t Ruin My Fun” to Yellow Claws hyper trap anthem “Kaola”, Jeffree’s Volume 8 has something for everyone. Jahan Lennon starts off the release with 3 brand new carefree / madchester influenced cuts. Each aim to bridge the common ground between loop based baggy beats from bands like Happy Mondays, Primal Scream with a vocal style and delivery that is uniquely Jahan. Yellow Claw follow taking all of the newest sounds from the club and driving them off a cliff. All 4 tracks are their unique take on the current trap scene infusing different sounds from around the world like their eastern tibetan single “Kaolo”.

2 years in the making, Vjuan Allure is the next featured artist providing some of the most forward thinking ballroom house tracks we’ve ever heard. Tropical Bass miastro Bert on Beats follows bringing us his latest single “Dab”, featuring a catchy melody strangely reminiscent of Wiley’s “Eskimo” riddim. DJ Sliink brings us a huge remix where he does what he does best represents Jersey with his signature sound but flips the beat entirely too many times to count. Mr.Carmack completes volume 8 with two brand new tracks “Birth Control” and “Hopscotch”. “Birth Control” leads the way with twerk’d out hand claps over a jerky squeaky ass beat that shifts gear into a wavy yet compressed early 2000′s Neptunesque synth line. “Hopscotch” follows that up with Mr. Carmack’s own pitched up Sugarhill-like vocals over the most sloppy head knocker we’ve ever released.