South Rakkas Crew- Gangsta Revival EP Out Next Week!

Posted by: Mad Decent on 2011-08-23


D-Rakkas(South Rakkas Crew)-Gangsta Revival (Tigerstyle Remix) by maddecent

Download brand new Tigerstyle remix of Gangsta Revival Free!

D-Rakkas of South Rakkas Crew has a new 8 song EP coming out on Mad Decent next Tuesday 8/30 . Preview all tracks here:

1) Gangsta Revival feat. Gangsta Kid F 
2) Go Hard Or Go Home feat. RDX 
3) Versace feat. Mercci 
4) Bounce It feat. Rage 
5) Timing Right feat. Juakali 
6) Muerto Por Guitarra / Death by Guitar 
7) Renegade Rasta 
8) Gangsta Revival Riddim

If you’ve been following the South Rakkas Crew releases in the last couple years – the Mix Up LP, the Stimulus Package, and the recent Nuff Remixes Vol 1 – you know these guys are masters of blending electronic & dance styles with straight up dancehall. Their music always brings a fresh and exciting take on current styles, and this 8 track Gangsta Revival package does not dissappoint! 

D-Rakkas (formerly known as Dow Jones) has stepped out on this one, producing most of this EP on his own, but the South Rakkas Crew style is fully alive all over this EP. Check his unique take on dubstep for “Muerte Por Guitarra / Death By Guitar” and the title song, “Gangsta Revival” featuring Gangsta Kid F, which is already picking up momentum globally. 
South Rakkas has also crafted two Moombahton-style bangers: “Versace”, from the Sunglasses Riddim, featuring vocal samples from female Spanglish spitting Dancehall MC Mercci, and “Renegade Rasta” featuring Alex G, which was first released on BYH Vol 2: Dave Nada Presents Moombahton earlier this summer.  

And of course they take us back to the South Rakkas sweet spot with two brand new riddim-worthy electro dancehall burners-  “Go Hard Or Go Home” featuring Jamaica’s daggering kings RDX on the RDX Six Riddim, and “Bounce It” featuring Rage on the Chachi Riddim.  
“Timing Right” highlights sweet Trinidadian melodies over some serious electro-soca.  With additional production from UK’s T Power, this song also features dubstep / soca sensation Juakali.

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