South Rakkas Crew- Gangsta Revival EP Out Now!

Posted by: Mad Decent on 2011-08-31


D-Rakkas of South Rakkas Crew has a brand new 8 song EP out everywhere today!. 

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Preview all tracks here:

Check out a quick discription and the tracklist below +  download 4 killer free remixes of the title track Gangsta Revial off our soundcloud.

1) Gangsta Revival feat. Gangsta Kid F 
2) Go Hard Or Go Home feat. RDX 
3) Versace feat. Mercci 
4) Bounce It feat. Rage 
5) Timing Right feat. Juakali 
6) Muerto Por Guitarra / Death by Guitar 
7) Renegade Rasta 
8) Gangsta Revival Riddim

If you’ve been following the South Rakkas Crew releases in the last couple years – the Mix Up LP, the Stimulus Package, and the recent Nuff Remixes Vol 1 – you know these guys are masters of blending electronic & dance styles with straight up dancehall. Their music always brings a fresh and exciting take on current styles, and this 8 track Gangsta Revival package does not dissappoint! 

D Rakkas (South Rakkas Crew)- Gangsta Revival (The Elementz Remix) by maddecent

D Rakkas (South Rakkas Crew)-Gangsta Revival (JWLS Remix) by maddecent

D Rakkas (South Rakkas Crew)-Gangsta Revival (Rack n Ruin Remix) by maddecent
D-Rakkas (South Rakkas Crew)-Gangsta Revival (Tigerstyle Remix) by maddecent

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