The Bassminist Side of Women

Posted by: Caballo on 2012-11-02

Mad Decent striking again with our weekly underground rounds to check what is going on in all latitudes of planet earth.

Today is all about girls!! Girls are definitely switching the scene with their stuff!
All over the planet, not just singers but also they are producers, djs, Label owners, you name it; There is a wicked female leading that scene as much as the most hardworking guy!

From Ikonica, or Ill esha, to less known names but equally talented. Women deserve a spot on ANY music list.

So give it up for them!! Reppin’ UK, Canada, Brazil, India, France, USA, Argentina & More!!

Let’s start with a EXCLUSIVE for MAD DECENT made by one of the most influential MCs of the whole global Bass scene: Veteran Mc Kinky who became Feral is Kinky and her newest MY SELECTOR which is gonna be available on Nov 5th!


She also is bringing a FREE tune of her Bitchslap with music from gLAdiator, Fellow, Symbiz, geekboy

Our next guest is NY-Canadian MC/Producer EmpireISIS.
For those who doesn’t know about her, she normally is into the dancehall/electrovibe, although this time ISIS drops an up-tempo moombah-inspired track called Rich Girl (FREE)

If you know about brega, and brazilian new music, this one is sublime!!
Deize Tigrona joins Brega producer Jaloo to release this sweet track Prostituto!!

Moving to South Asia, Sarbeejt Kaur does a feat with Billa Bakshi in Tigerstyle’s new track, which pushes Bhangra to new levels!

French FLORE (whose radio show actually hosted Jeffree’s SWICK) is not your regular disc jockey, she is also a great producer, and she is also a trademark in terms of global bass!!
As you wil see, she is killing it with this 808bass track

Ill-esha is a trademark already and just like flore, she is also into this vibe!

Argentinian MC CATNAPP teams with South Rakkas Crew for a Dancehall tune set for FREE

Last but not least.. The girl, the BASSBOSS right now.. REID SPEED.
Not too much to talk about her, because if you dont know anything bout this LA producer, dj, and label owner.. let me tell you. You are missing a woman whose work is simply stunning!

  • Flore

    thanks a lot for the support!

  • Empire ISIS

    Bless up from #GANGSTRESSNATION gracias por el amor!!

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