The Molly Grit EP

Posted by: Caballo on 2013-03-24

UPDATED April 2nd 2013- Let’s keep it as an April’s fool thing guys!
Music should be fun!- Enjoy the EP, tho. It is really wicked! – CABALLO

WTF is Molly Grit?

Molly Grit is a music tag that grabs the molecular base of trap, moombahton, juke, dubstep , and tropical bass sounds.

Based on slang terminology it can be the molecular core for ANYTHING!

And that ?s exactly what it is, sonic ecstasy.


Molly Grit is the newest, most exciting form of bass that has been around for months (even years some may say!).

In fact; made by hundreds of producers all over the place, although their description falls flat in giving an “accurate” term.

Do not confuse it with Zouk Bass, which mostly is a highly influenced version of Tarraxinha with bass elements.
Both have common elements, but when you listen closely, you will hear big differences.
Tone plays a key factor in Molly Grit. This one tries to maintain the organic approach of Brazilian percussion.

Why name it Molly Grit and not just bass? Well, for that, join me at the bottom of the post. So far, let’s focus on what really matters: MUSIC.

Another thing that might make a difference between Zouk Bass is Molly Grit has elements of all these genres under one roof. Not sections.

Perhaps you have been doing, producing, blogging or mixing it without full knowledge, if your songs/sets have elements of trap, 808bass, dubstep, kuduro, moombahton, bubbling and much more crossed all over without been exactly that genre, then it is molly grit.
Note again, elements not sections.
The BPM range is between 110 and 140, and few of the common elements are the minimal approach to the woobles and/or the use of 808?s as well as dubstep/tectonic ?s 303 kicks blended with these insane synths

How did it start?
Well, there has been a lot of songs that blend those elements since forever; but lately we can see a different approach to these genres with a common pattern with some releases by ?the leading bass labels? such as Mad Decent with The Reef?s ignant, or Play Me Records with Donkong?s Jaws, Fof label with Salva?s odd furniture and many, really many more. – ( Some nice trustable sources, including MTV’s Beverly Brian or GB’s UMB suggest the idea that some producers seem to be influenced by the band leftfield for this approach, which makes it even more awesome!)
This is PLAY ME’s Jaws

So it didn?t take too long for avid bassheads like bukez finezt, the amazing duo symbiz, dancehall producer carnnibal and many more to set full throttle on this genre.

Carnnibal feat Ragga Twins

So we are extremely honored to drop the very first MOLLY GRIT official EP here at Mad Decent for FREE,

and by doing that I (Caballo) encourage producers to perhaps support the genre either by tagging your songs on soundcloud or actually start producing it

The album features unreleased and 100% Original tracks from TOP producers who have been in some of the key players LABELS in the bass scene; such as The reef (Mad Decent) DonKong (Play me recs) , Bukez Finezt (Germanys Next Topwobble/ Bassliebe) , Symbiz (Big’n’Hairy/Rootdown) Carnnibal, Drips and Caballo (Latino Resiste,plus bunch more).

Darwinism in a way, as we believe this is the evolution of bass. Not a newer version of an existing genre.

Back again on why Tagging it as Molly Grit instead of “left field bass” or just simply bass?

well, to be honest many are using just funny names, like bacon unicorn, or pewwwpeww (not kidding!) as their tags. losing the whole potential of either creating -expanding music genres OR missing valuable revenues, plus accurate tags can give some labels or bloggers (who are more practical and have less free time) to search artist by artist a chance to find these sounds easier.

And what if your song becomes Viral?

Remember ?harlem shake? ? Tagging became a crucial part of the game for those who take it seriously. As youtube plays, and much more became a reliable form of getting more exposure But a HUGE number of people who love to go against the pack wont do it, or many people will simply say this is not new at all.

And they are right. None of these producers invented left field bass, trap, tropical bass, juke, dubstep, moombahton, etc etc.

They (and many more like them) just take ELEMENTS of those genres, which in their mind DO NOT BELONG to any of those specific genres but have a direct influence from them, and decided to tag it as Molly Grit.

Fortunately for us, we hadn’t even released the EP when we already had some people talking in a not very positive light about Molly Grit without even hearing the EP!
It seems they didnt even need to hear it as they have heard everything (even before the EP went out).
Even the fact that the term molly grit started as a friend’s joke, the rumor spreaded, but they never got the memo that it that became a very real and serious project for all the people involved!!
Quoting Walmer convenience but extending the concept : “some people are always at the forefront of trying to be at the forefront, and when they aint, they just diss”.

And that gave us the opportunity to make clear, we are NOT claiming the invention of a new genre. We are DOING a new tag for a “new approach of bass”.

Each style at their beginning gets lots of “key players” dissing until slowly some new people start shaping it to what we know, what was Moombahton if not a slow dutch house with dembow, now it is a complete unique genre!
what is trap if not a new approach to southern hip hop, Zouk Bass a Tarraxinha-Zouk + Bass, and so on.

Let’s call it MUSIC. Let’s TAG it Molly Grit!


Credits: Tag name Feral is Kinky, early support by GUN network, Artcover by Tikay, and the whole combo from Mad Decent blog specially Benzona and Ultra Cat.

  • ofcourse

    I dislike the name, molly grit doesn’t sound so great to me, I like the concept though.

  • Devinfromheaven

    Same here. I’m not into associating a whole genre with drugs. I’m for “bacon unicorn” instead!

  • organboner

    no. please stop.

  • Yall

    This some retarded shit

  • 993399

    “Some nice trustable sources, including MTV’s Beverly Brian or GB’s UMB suggest the idea that some producers seem to be influenced by the band leftfield for this approach”

    stop writing about music, forever.

  • Mitchell Bundy

    April Fools!!! Wait, nope…. damnit.

  • Harry Sykes

    Is this an April Fools?

  • bacon unicorn

    I like the idea but Molly Grit is a stupid stupid name. For a start it should be Mandy Grit… but more importantly associating a whole sound with a drug is just plain ignorant and will not help the sound to develop.


    Fuckin’ clowns look at the date – april fools! WEEEE!

  • nothanksjeff

    forcibly associating music with drug use and abuse is literally the best way way breed ignorance…

  • x97sfinest

    lol I’m surprised so many take issue with Molly in the name

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