The Post-Apocalypso Gift Madness!

Posted by: Caballo on 2012-12-21

Indeed!! If you are reading this, it means, you are still available to party and celebrate the holidays with an avalanche of FREE MUSIC from us!!!

In fact, I personally (Caballo) want to thank Benzona, Devro, Diplo + the whole Mad Decent Crew for creating The Jeffrees, which in 2012,in my opinion, became the dopest digi-label out there.

From them it is the first GIFT:
The Reef

Download the WHOLE EP
At the time of dropping that track, The Reef had 189 followers on Soundcloud, and soon he will reach his first thousand!!

In the same way, an exclusive gift from Jamaica!!
-This guy has (as for today) even LESS followers than The REEF and I dont understand why!! *follow him*
– Anyway, he is sending us this track which is going to be inside Generation Bass Blog X-MAS compilation!
You can have it few days before!! FREE!!

Lots of gifts ahead!!

My personal gift is an 808BASS

Get the song here For FREE

We have a gift, very special, From Democratic Republic of Congo, as we are very proud to PREMIERE and give for FREE a project that builds a whole new platform! Beat Making Lab!!

This beauty is set to be released early months 2013, but if you really want to know about BML
check this 3 Min Video

If you are into world Music, the guys from Latino Resiste bring Germany’s Cumbia Master Andres Digital New FREE EP


A holiday gift that blends Trap+ Moombahton? SURE!! Trapathon from Puerto Rico n Spain!!

Get the exclusive DL link in case it runs out of FREE HERE

Trap and Baile Funk converge in FAVELA TRAP!! The whole Compilation is in ITUNES, AMAZON, etc etc

BUT!! you know.. X-Mas season so get a FREE DOWNLOAD HERE!!

How we could do a post without Azonto!! PLUS Gift!! Straight from Akwaaba ( thanks to my man Benjamin for this FREEBIE)

So!! Happy Holidays!!! And see you next week with a THE BEST OF 2012 post!!
The end of the world!! El fin del mundo!

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