Posted by: Caballo on 2013-01-04

Let’s start 2013 in full speed.
Trap and 808 Bass has spread virally into all genres, and now it became just an addition to some sounds, that are not necessarily TRVP, but they have some influence on it.

Spaniard producer Soniye Muzick releases his Trap Bubbling FREE EP, He shows no mercy for the dancers, the whole EP is a blast of energy, a shot of Jack Daniels+ red bull + Steroids!!


Next one is a Moombahcore approach UZ- Trap Shit!! FREE

More Madness

Monterrey’s one and only Sheeqo Beat unveiled his Barrio Loco that has guarachero and Trap kissing fiercely

African Percussion and Vibes are also present in this sick tune from Aafi Hassan !! FREE n full WAV!!

MIA’s anthem get the trap treat

Last but not least… something I will cover deeper later on as it is coming up sometime in FEB 2013.
Beijing Howie Lee and Harikiri team up for a GRIME TRAP explosive tune!!

  • FReaKy

    puro bangers!!!!

  • Trévon Louboutin

    Bloodclot n Bass <3

FKi 1st

‘First Time For Everything’


“Need You”

Party Favor

“Bust ‘Em”