Ms Nina

Young multidisciplinary artist from Argentina currently based in Spain. She achieved international recognition as a net artist, exhibiting at Junior High (Los Angeles), La Térmica and La Fresh Galleryone of the most prestigious galleries in Spain. Her musical career has made her one of the key figures to understand the Latin rhythms that sound in Europe and positioned her as a great reference in the Spanish urban music scene.


Ms Nina uses her music, collages and Dj sets to break out of preset moulds, what´s socially correct and empower the oppressed ones. She has been baptized as one of the feminine reggaeton queens in Europe and a large part of Latin America.


Her songs reveal her Latin roots with styles such as reggaeton, cumbia or dembow. Her funny lyrics, provocative and crazy rhythms defend absolute freedom and break with any taboo.


Her carefree aesthetic consists of many musical, cinematographic and pop culture referents.


Ms Nina is also an ambassador and icon of tolerance and diversity, she is the great eminence of the perreo, a cultural movement that is spreading all over the world. Her music, effort and dedication has led her to act not only in Spain but also in a large part on Europe.


Her talent has also been recognized by national and international press, such as Glamour, Vein Magazine, El País, I-D, Noisey, Remix, Nylon, Telemundo, Los Angeles Times, etc.


Ms. Nina has worked and collaborated with great brands such as Nike, Puma, Glamglow, J&B or Chicfy.


In 2015 two singles"Chupa Chupa"and "Salami"were released and immediately became hits.


The 2016 made a turning point in her professional career. During that year she collaborated with artists such as La Favi, Khaled, Bad Gyal or La Zowi. It was also the year that her song CHIC"sounded in the television ad of the Chicfy app and became a viral phenomenon, positioning Ms Nina’s song in Spotify's No 1 just one week after its release.


In 2017 she managed to position herself in the No 1 of Spotify Spain and in the top 20 of Argentina and Mexico with her hot song "Tu Sicaria". That same year,the video clip of her song "Traketeo" remained in the Top 10 videos of the moment on YouTube for 3 days and 4 days in the Top 20. It reached almost 200,000 views in 24 hours. A few months later, once again, Ms. Nina was able to break out of preset moulds and what´s socially correct with "Reinas" featuring King Jedet, which managed to position herself twice on Spotify Spain Noand actually is known as the feminist and LGTBIQ + anthem. In summer of 2017 Ms. Nina was touring in Mexico.


In 2018 she made a great debut in the US.


In July of 2019 the first release of a mixtape "Perreando por Fuera, llorando por fuera" was published. The perreo is a global manifestation of the adherence of reggaeton to the new generations of artists who access intuitive tools of the digital era. In this new mix, different genres such as romantic reggaeton, Dembow or Favela Funk are explored. With collaborations of figures from this scene, such asLa Faviand Maria OT,and productions of Mygal X, Beauty Brain, King Doudou, among others, Ms. Nina is turningthe misogynist speechinto a newvoice of the female figure prejudices, stereotypes and imperatives.

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