In less than a year, singer/songwriter Starrah has become the main architect of a new sound shaping pop music. Her golden pen has quickly made her the most in-demand artist crafting hooks for the iconic voices of our generation. Her collaborator list reading like a who’s who of radio hitters, and her music already reaching millions throughout the globe without an official debut.

Pull back the curtain on Rihanna’s “Needed Me,” Travis Scott’s “Pick Up The Phone,” Drake’s “Fake Love,” Nicki Minaj’s “No Frauds” or countless other singles, and you will notice the one thing they all have in common is a touch of magic from Starrah.

Somewhere between sincerely gritty and effortlessly catchy, her signature sound leaves no one behind and nothing to be desired; it’s pure lighting in a bottle.

With “Rush,” Starrah’s first single, all the timeless qualities in her music come together in a couple short minutes of pure bliss. Time stops while her exhilarating hooks take the listener on a euphoric joy ride. “My music is an ode to youth,” she explains, “and I wanted to make a song that captured that.” The video for “Rush,” a 3-D world of hyper sensations, is the first look into a visual universe starring a hologram character that will come to life in the near future.

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